Ragin’ Cajuns have never been afraid to dream big, and have never shied away from a challenge. The recent successes of our teams and student-athletes are a prime example and a lesson for all of us – proof that making dreams come true requires planning, commitment, sacrifice and teamwork.

The Athletics Facilities Master Plan is a top priority of the University, and its impact cannot be overstated.
Full implementation of the entire facilities master plan will require an estimated $115 million – easily the largest expenditure in the history of our program.

Funding for these projects will require both philanthropic support and future bond sales. There is an immediate need to raise $50 million in private support from the Ragin’ Cajuns’ community.

Sports competition has a dramatic economic impact on a community. Louisiana Economic Development Authority (LEDA) conducted a study based on the 2013 football season and found that home games generated about $27.3 million for the local economy and that the expansion of Cajun Field will pump an additional $20.2 million into the local economy each year.

And that’s just football.  With approximately 15 home basketball games each year and baseball and softball programs that are among the nation’s attendance leaders, the economic impact on the local economy is even greater.  For example, the NCAA Softball Regionals attracted more than 10,000 fans and, according to the LCVC, generated approximately $600,000 to the local economy over the three-day weekend.